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Phoenix Wedding Catering Tastes Better with Fat Freddy’s

A big decision when planning your Wedding Catering is selecting the right catering company.  Not every caterer knows what it takes to pull off a perfect wedding.  The right caterer can help you with the numerous details as well as assisting you in the creation of the perfect menu.  We have some wonderful dinner packages or you can create your own package with the help of our wedding coordinator.  Download our menus

At Fat Freddy’s Catering we know how important this day is for you, your friends and your family.  The Wedding Catering and the catering staff are one of the top eight things that your guests will remember about your wedding.  The following was taken from an article we found online from a wedding resource guide in Portland but we think there message is universal, “Things Your Guests Will Remember Most”

Your wedding guests are looking forward to and will remember the food; especially if there wasn’t enough or if it was bad.  Trendy things can be fun, but they don’t always go as planned. Try to find the right balance between ‘trendy’ and ‘tried & true.’ Don’t be afraid to do something different that your caterer suggests; something they have done before and knows it works. Fajita bar?  Carving Station? Passed Appetizers? etc.  Guests also tend to remember if the process for getting the food flowed nicely (and they didn’t have to wait a long time). The new Food Truck Trend takes too long for that many people to get food made to order.  

Your wedding guests will most definitely remember how they were treated throughout the day. By your coordinator, your bartenders & catering staff, your venue manager, your photographer, your DJ, and the list goes on and on. Make sure you are hiring top notch professionals that will execute the details of your day flawlessly while ALSO providing impeccable customer service. Personality, people skills, and professionalism are all just as important as the product or service they are providing.

wedding wire years | Fat Freddy's CateringWhy Fat Freddy’s Catering

We have always been Top-Rated for our  Phoenix Wedding Catering for over twenty-five years. We have the experience, knowledge, dedication and commitment to deliver the best tasting catering and the most professional service in Phoenix and throughout all of Maricopa County. 

We may not have that many “Phoenix Wedding Catering” reviews …recently; we’ve been doing more corporate work in the last 5 years. Since Covid, we have gone back to more weddings and less corporate.  We are actually enjoying working more of the full-service weddings; we feel like part of the family.

The chefs at Fat Freddy’s Catering are tops in their field; there is a difference between cooking and catering.  Our servers are highly trained, experienced, professional, helpful, friendly and mostly family. Our wedding coordinators have years of experience not only working for Fat Freddy’s catering but also in the business of wedding planning.

Restaurants and small Mom-n-Pop caterers don’t usually have enough hands-on-deck to confidently pull-off a full-service wedding like we can. They may be cheaper, but that’s not really what you want out of Phoenix Wedding Catering.

If you need assistance, call (623) 580-4653 or email our office at [email protected].

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