Post COVID Weddings

post covid wedding ceremony on a backyard patio
Small Intimate Gatherings are Freddy’s Specialty
and the Reality of Post COVID Weddings

Post COVID Weddings aren’t that much different – just smaller.  Embrace the change and make the most of it; maybe have two small weddings.  The traditional one with the family and then when everyone’s ready – a slightly bigger one that includes friends, colleagues and plus ones.  We can help you with both very different events.  

The best place for a family post covid wedding is in the family backyard; it can be as casual or as fancy as you want.  Since you have a smaller group; your budget will go farther.  Casual can be foil pans of food that you spread out on the kitchen island.  Fancy could be passed appetizers and individually plated four-course meal service.  

You say that your backyard isn’t big enough; then just rent a bigger one and turn it into a long wedding weekend with your friends.  Fat Freddy’s can help you plan and coordinate the whole thing.  Tables, Chairs, Linens, Whatever you want/need; we can help you get it.

  • Rehearsal BBQ Dinner on Thursday night
  • Traditional Family Wedding Dinner on Friday
  • Friends and Co-Workers Happy Hour Appetizers on Saturday Night
  • and on Sunday – Brunch

If you still have your heart set on the BIG Ballroom Venue, the state of Arizona has begun to lift restrictions on group size and face masks.  That means it’s time to start calling around to those venues again.  Have you seen our post on local wedding venues that allow you to bring your own wedding vendors.  

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Why Fat Freddy’s Catering

We have always been Top-Rated for our  Phoenix Wedding Catering for over twenty-five years. We have the experience, knowledge, dedication and commitment to deliver the best tasting catering and the most professional service in Phoenix and throughout all of Maricopa County. 

We may not have that many “Phoenix Wedding Catering” reviews …recently; we’ve been doing more corporate work in the last 5 years. Since Covid, we have gone back to more weddings and less corporate.  We are actually enjoying working more of the full-service weddings; we feel like part of the family.

The chefs at Fat Freddy’s Catering are tops in their field; there is a difference between cooking and catering.  Our servers are highly trained, experienced, professional, helpful, friendly and mostly family. Our wedding coordinators have years of experience not only working for Fat Freddy’s catering but also in the business of wedding planning.

Restaurants and small Mom-n-Pop caterers don’t usually have enough hands-on-deck to confidently pull-off a full-service wedding like we can. They may be cheaper, but that’s not really what you want out of Phoenix Wedding Catering.

If you need assistance, call (623) 580-4653 or email our office at [email protected].

wilson wedding

Brock & Maddie

Wilson Wedding  #MadtobeWilson   /   11/13/2021 Maddie contacted us well into her journey to becoming Mrs. Brock Wilson.  We asked if we could follow her through

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